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Frequently Asked Questions

The key differentiators offers are:
  • The professors from whom you would learn your subject are handpicked by us respecting their rich experience, their approach in teaching and popularity among their students.
  • The content you find in helps even a slow learner. Since the language used and simplicity of explaining the subject helps students grasp the subject much easier.
  • Quality, clarity and streaming of video helps you experience classroom learning styles.

We would encourage you to watch the demo classes and click here for the same. We strongly recommend to use headphone or a set of separate speakers for focused learning/listening.
You are aware that the university recommends semester based teaching. Respecting the same, we make our programs available.

Video based lectures for subjects prescribed for first semester would be available right from the beginning to end of the semester. Let’s say your first semester begins from July and ends in December 2015. Video lectures for this semester would be available from July to December 2015.

Similarly for the successive semesters.
You just need to follow simple process.
  • Log onto and register yourself by providing your active email id. You would receive your User ID and Password through the email.
  • Choose your subscription type and proceed with learning.
Quite simple. If you choose semester type subscription, you would have access to videos of the subjects prescribed for the semester. You can even opt for one subject and access videos prepared for that semester.
You can subscribe only for a particular chapter of a particular subject. But in this case, you will be given access for 1 day (24 hours) to view the video. Your time will start from the first click to see the video.
You would get access to each video for 24 hours from the time your first click. You would then move to next video.

For instance, you click on video-1 at 10 am today and it expires at 10:00 am tomorrow. You would lose the access to this website from 10:00 next day. Thus you get 24 hours to view a video.
You would have access to all the videos prepared for a particular semester until the semester expire. You would lose access to these videos the moment your particular semester gets over. Hence we strongly recommend you to plan and stick to your plan on watching videos.
Yes, we would refund your money. Send an email to and we would arrange to refund your money.
Semester wise or subject wise subscription are always economical. Cost of one subject (either in semester wise or in subject wise subscription) for the entire time period for Rs. 3000. Whereas, cost of one video is Rs. 100, when subscribed for chapter wise subscription. If there are 3 videos in one chapter, you will have to pay Rs. 300.
Make your selections. You can select more than one subscription. All your selections can be viewed in the shopping cart. Once selected, go ahead with the payment. You can pay for all the selected subscriptions together.
Yes, you can. Contact us at our Works address or email us at